Zine, Magic, Zine

You wanna read our zine,You wanna read our zineWhat zine?The zine with the powerThe power of voodooWho do?You doWanna read our zine Read magic, read Read magic, read Put that zine’s spell on meJump magic, jumpJump magic, jumpPut that magic jump on meRead our zine, it’s for freeRead magic, readRead magic, readRead magic, readRead magicJumpContinue reading “Zine, Magic, Zine”

Sketch ‘N Sip 2, New Artists, New Venue, Nonprofit Status

Hi everyone, this post is a little bit of an update dump as we have a lot of exciting things happening at once! First, our second Sketch ‘N Sip night is coming up next Tuesday, July 6. Meet us at Wingman Rodeo on Milpas to meet fellow artists, learn about Permatint, play games, sketch aContinue reading “Sketch ‘N Sip 2, New Artists, New Venue, Nonprofit Status”

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