Among Us


When the imposter is sus!

Heather Brown.

Size Medium



This image is an Among us meme reference and an all around obnoxious image.

Artist created rendition.

Hand silk screened.



“In November 2020, LavaMeteor posted this cursed FaceApp edit of Evil Jerma on the Jerma subreddit. Eventually, One Guy gave it the caption “When the impostor is sus! 😳” and made Jerma open it on stream (Bugsnax 11-14-2020), exposing it to his thousands of adoring fans. The caption is a reference to the hit multiplayer game Among Us, referring to a moment where the player who is the Imposter is acting suspicious. For some reason, the image spread like wildfire and soon became popular for a couple of weeks, which is the usual lifespan of memes post-2010. At one point, the r/AmongUs subreddit got so overwhelmed by users spamming JermaSus that the mods banned the image and even shut down the subreddit for a while.”




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