Dark WinterFire

Dark WinterFire is a painter and multimedia artist based in Santa Barbara, CA.

For Dark art is not optional. Art is absolutely compulsory. Her drive to create art every day has made her portfolio of work expand to an astounding level. Her catalogue contains: oil on canvas painting, cartoon art, digital creations, film trailers for imagined films, photo manipulation, written work, greeting cards, t-shirts, and a tarot card deck comprised of images from a collection of over 100 tarot oil paintings.

Dark was the founding creator of “ABYSS” a zine originally created to carry as much of the aforementioned content as possible into the world. An aspect of the “ABYSS” project was putting them into empty news machines all over town for free.

Now a founding member of the Permatint Collective and working on the collective’s own version of the zine to display the work of collective artists and submitted work from artists outside the group.

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