Meet The Artist: Geoffrey Bennett Ulrich

I may not remember being born any more than I do the day I first became a storyteller, but the written record goes back to my early grade school days.

Back before I could spell or comfortably form letters I was spinning yarns and imagining worlds.

I love a good parable, a good poem and a good stretch of prose.

I play pretend almost constantly, and so it’s only natural that I would try to work out a few things on paper–words and drawings both. 

It’s a great release, a great method of expression and a great way to both connect with the human condition and uplift the human spirit.

Despite it being often done in solitude. 

However, when it is ready, it can reach across the world and into the human soul.

And stories come in so many flavors and formats! A story can be told as a dance, a song, a musical, a cartoon, a tapestry, a poem, a play, a book, a film, a mural, a graphic novel, a video game, a television series, and a hologram just to name a fraction.

I love that. I love all of that.

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tender film-lover, poet, cartoonist, podcaster and all around good egg

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