The Abyss Online

Exciting news – the March 2021 edition of the Abyss is now available to read fully online. Check out our webpage “Abyss” to read this PDF and future issues!

This edition features artwork from collective members Dark Winterfire and Shannon Nicholson. Alex Espinosa contributes an interview with an inspiring community member, Tracy. Guests include multimedia explorer Geoffrey Bennett Ulrich, painter Miss Susperia, author Rachael Quisel, and poet Ordell Cordova.

You can also grab a physical copy of the Abyss at the downtown Santa Barbara Promenade Market, where we have a booth Thursdays from 3-7:30 pm by 1120 State St.

Let us know your thoughts, and if you’d like to contribute to the next issue! We’re always open to new talent and ideas.

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