Veni, vidi, vendidi

Yessss we had our first market night! Alex, James and I had so much fun showcasing the Collective, meeting people, and making some sales at the Promenade Market on Thursday.

On this sunny Santa Barbara day, we learned about setting up an attractive, wind-proof booth – there was a lot of string involved and help from the Downtown SB crew. Alex got to jam with local musician Ben, farther down the street. And James had a successful day in terms of sales, with his disarming lampwork glass and jewelry.

A shoutout to everyone who signed up on our email list – welcome! It was awesome to meet each of you, and we’re so glad to have you as a member of the Permatint community. If you’re an artist interested in joining, we’ll reach out to invite you to our next weekly collective meeting. And to the amazing Promenade Market regulars – thanks for welcoming us! We can’t wait to see you again next week.

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